Matchfunding practices

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TIM WithYouWeDo (WYWD) is a reward- and donation-based crowdfunding platform, initiated by TIM, the leading telecommunications and ICT group in Italy, and technically developed by Starteed, an Italian SME that offers white- label solutions in the crowdfunding and co-creation market. It was launched in December 2014 and offers matchfunding possibilities provided by TIM. The platform is oriented towards projects that incorporate digital technology in one of the following areas:

  • Spreading Digital Culture: schools, art and literature, from protecting heritage to innovation in the expression of creativity.
  • Social Innovation: from innovative projects for solidarity to building new models for integration.
  • Environmental Protection: everything which relates to environmental sustainability.
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The matched crowdfunding for the arts and heritage sector project in the UK provides grants to ‘top up’ finance generated by projects through crowdfunding. Using the Crowdfunder platform, the project has made available €300,000 to support the sector for small business who need additional funding above the level they can normally hope to generate through crowdfunding.

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Goteo is a civic crowdfunding platform focused on citizen initiatives and social, cultural, technological and educational projects. The platform not only encourages collaborative actions among communities, but also its design and blue print operate under an open source model and are free to use. Consequently Goteo has replicas and alliances in several countries. Managed by a non-profit foundation (with consequent tax advantages for donors) Goteo’s multidisciplinary team develops tools and services for co-creation and collective funding. Their work and projects are tightly linked to principles of transparency, progress and societal improvement. Moreover, they encourage the transfer of civil society’s values to the institutional sphere, in order to enhance participative adoption of public policies as well as facilitate and encourage self-organization and citizen participation. They call this type of funding cloudfunding.

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CrowdCulture in Sweden is a matching platform with an ambition to modernize cultural funding. The reward-based platform operates with public partners co-financing the funds raised by the crowd. It cooperates on the basis of renewable annual contracts with local and regional authorities. These make available public funds for the match funding. The matching process relies on the number of backers and not on the amount raised by the crowd.

CrowdCulture is fully operational since 2011 and is specializing in cultural projects. The platform initiators expect generating synergies for the project owners of crowdfunding campaigns by their focus on the cultural sector.

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The National Bank of Greece, in strategic cooperation with organizations and foundations of international standing, initiated the crowdfunding platform act4Greece. The objective of the platform is to enhance projects that are needed by the Greek society. act4Greece is seen as the pioneer programme in Greece for the promotion of social and developmental banking.

Act4Greece mainly hosts projects from Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and Greek Universities that seek funds through the donation-based crowdfunding model. Seven areas of action are covered by the programme: 1) Welfare, Health and Solidarity, 2) Social Economy and Entrepreneurship, 3) Culture and Cultural Entrepreneurship, 4) Young and Innovative Entrepreneurship, 5) Environment and Sustainability, 6) Research, Education and Training, and 7) Sporting Activities.