Crowdfunding: Half a million Euros in 90 days. The story of an Agricultural Start Up

4 Jul 2017 - 20:45
crowdfunding; facebook; culture; agriculture; idea consult

Stefano Caccavari is a young Italian from Calabria who achieved a world record: he collected five hundred thousand euros in 90 days via Facebook to save the last stone mill in the area where he lives, San Floro (30km from Lamezia Terme). He did that without public funds, without crowdfunding platforms.

Saving the old mill allowed him to start an agricultural enterprise, Mulinum, by which to exploit the ancient grains and sell whole wheat flour and bakery products. Every day more than 100 kg of “brunetto” bread is shipped throughout Italy and to some other European countries. The bread is made with whole wheat flour, and it is able to keep its freshness for at least 20 days from the purchase.

This network-based enterprise is born in one of the poorest regions of Europe, with one of the highest youth unemployment rates. Stefano’s goal is to expand its commerce not only throughout Italy but around the world, starting from Europe and possibly from the French and Belgian markets, where he is looking for partners. In the past, Stefano’s dynamism emerged with all his strength. In fact, on a land where without his commitment a waste dump would have arisen, he set up cultivation gardens that were rented by families: a real “Farmville”!

In Italy, Mulinum has almost reached its goal of doubling the initial figure thanks to the investment of partners from all over the world and the project to open a new mill in Tuscany. On July 1st, the first threshing of Mulinum grain took place, which turned into a joyful party, followed by over 5,000 people live on Facebook.


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