If you are looking for information on how to run your crowdfunding campaign, advice on how to get started in it, or even words of wisdom from previously successful campaigns, Intuit's QuickBooks has a collection of handy guides and resources to fit your needs.

Find information on all of these subjects as well as subjects you didn't know you wanted to know in this continuously growing resource. 

The Crowdfunding Compass

Many people still have basic confusion about crowdfunding. The crowdfunding compass of wants to give orientation.

The Crowdfunding Information Portal has been providing information about crowdfunding since 2011. The aim of the information portal is to give interested persons an orientation and to create a transparent market overview. In doing so, informs independently, neutrally and comprehensively. 

Kreativwirtschaft Austria is part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and its main goal is to promote the interests of creative industries within Austria and raise public awareness regarding what this sector can provide as creative solutions. 

KAT provides extensive services to creative entrepreneurs, encourages their economic success and their cross-sector communication. Creative industries are considered as a factor of growth and innovation in Austria, hence the need to create good conditions around their activity. 

Kreativ Muenchen offers expert support and advice for professional artists, creators and creative professionals at the city of München. 

They help with tips on qualifications and financing of your projects, information on administrative procedures and contact points with associations and local authorities. They also offer temporary rooms and networking opportunities. 

Their help is about: 

- Vocational independence 

- Qualification options 

- Financing strategies 

- Spaces for temporary use is a unique address for anyone interested in culture in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It includes profiles, reports and news. This culture portal is a magazine; current, informative and somewhat surprising. 

On this portal, you can share your art, set your event in the calendar, or even provide information about your association or club. 



Vele Kleintjes is an online toolkit for crowdfunding in the cultural sector. For those who consider going into crowdfunding, this guide can help them fund projects in a quick and easy manner. 

This handbook is based on practical experiences from the Flemish Heritage Library with its own platform; Boekensteun. Project holders gained some knowledge about what works and what doesn't in crowdfunding; and Vele Kleintjes is responsible for spreading those insights to the broad cultural sector. 

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