Kreativ Muenchen offers expert support and advice for professional artists, creators and creative professionals at the city of München. 

They help with tips on qualifications and financing of your projects, information on administrative procedures and contact points with associations and local authorities. They also offer temporary rooms and networking opportunities. 

Their help is about: 

- Vocational independence 

- Qualification options 

- Financing strategies 

- Spaces for temporary use is a unique address for anyone interested in culture in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It includes profiles, reports and news. This culture portal is a magazine; current, informative and somewhat surprising. 

On this portal, you can share your art, set your event in the calendar, or even provide information about your association or club. 



While the crowdfunding phenomenon has attracted considerable practitioner and scholarly attention, existing research predominantly reflects a U.S.-centric perspective. This article examines crowdfunding platform creation in 15 European countries. Despite the omnipresent reach of the internet, national boundaries shape the evolution of the European crowdfunding industry. Specifically, crowdfunding platform creation varies across countries and distinct national patterns emerge for crowdfunding activity in general.

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