It is impossible to dispute the notion that equity crowdfunding is having a hugely positive effect on the ability of small companies to access finance. The press is filled with stories highlighting the amount of capital that young companies have raised, as well as flagging realisations and other positive developments. However, are investors aware of the risks that an equity investment in a young company entails? 

This report has been conducted with the aim of exploring the returns that investors are experiencing in this space.

Crowdfunding Berlin is a joint project organised by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research (Projekt Zukunft) in cooperation with Creative City Berlin and Kubinaut – Navigation Kulturelle Bildung. It involves funding platforms, on which projects from Berlin run their campaings as well as crowdfunding institutions and networks active in Berlin and beyond. In order to support the crowdfunding community, Crowdfunding Berlin shares a list of useful resources with its followers. We are now making them available to all of you.

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