Nesta is an innovation charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life.

Useful ideas from anyone for everyone

USEFUL IDEAS: We believe that innovation - the creation and use of new ideas – is the primary source of human progress.

It drives economic growth, greater well-being, a richer culture and the prospects of a more sustainable planet. Nesta exists to stimulate more and better innovation – helping to understand how it happens across the world and in all sectors, how it can be supported, and how promising ideas can be put to use.

FROM ANYONE: We believe that the world uses far too little of its potential for useful innovation.

Deep specialised knowledge remains vital for innovation. But many breakthroughs also come from people outside the biggest universities, companies and governments.  Indeed, far more people than ever before can contribute to creating new ideas – helped by better education and new technologies as well as  tools like challenge prizes, open innovation and accelerators. We advocate more open and democratic innovation - and believe that far too little of this innovative potential is being used, mainly because of how education, science and government are organised.

FOR EVERYONE: We believe that more of the resources devoted to innovation should back ideas that serve the common good.

As a charitable foundation we exist to promote innovation for everyone’s benefit. Not all innovation is good – in fact many innovations cause damage, and too much of the funding for innovation goes on better ways of killing people, or selling things, or meeting the needs of the very rich. Too little backs innovations that meet fundamental human needs and solve problems that matter to the public. That’s why we prioritise supporting innovations with the greatest prospect of creating value for everyone – in fields like health, education and the arts – whether they’re in the public and private sectors, or in civil society.