Many individuals or organisations want to launch crowdfunding campaigns but do not know how to get started. For that reason, the crowdfunding4culture team has gathered and analysed 12 campaign launched by creatives and cultural organisations to act as examples for inspiring crowdfunders. 

Are you a creative or cultural organisation thinking of launching a crowdfunidng campaign or curious to know how others have made use of crowdfunding? Then these case studies are for you. 

Reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture - Study

Can crowdfunding being combined with public funding? In what fields? What examples are there?

View the webinar where Francesca Passeri, ECN Project Manager, discusses these and other questions around the topic with Lucia Scopelliti, Smart City Office Coordinator at Milan Municipality.

In this session, you will learn about

  • Civic crowdfunding
  • Match-funding: pros and cons
  • Cases and best practices in combining crowdfunding with public funding for SMEs and civic projects


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