12 case studies of useful crowdfunding campaigns

Many individuals or organisations want to launch crowdfunding campaigns but do not know how to get started. For that reason, the crowdfunding4culture team has gathered and analysed 12 campaign launched by creatives and cultural organisations to act as examples for inspiring crowdfunders. 

Are you a creative or cultural organisation thinking of launching a crowdfunidng campaign or curious to know how others have made use of crowdfunding? Then these case studies are for you. 

Explore these 12 cases and find out how crowdfunding has benefited creatives and cultural organisations all over Europe. In this document you will find the following cases:

- Crowdfunding in E-Estonia: Hooandja & Fundwise pp. 4-11

- The internationalisation Strategy of Kickstarter pp.12-25

- Art Basel: Crowdfunding Initiative pp. 26-38

- TousNosProjets.fr: Aggregating crowdfunding projects in France pp. 39-50

- Seedrs: Equity crowdfunding partnership model pp. 51-66

- The case of being there for the arts: voordekunst pp. 67-80

- The partnership model of MyMicroInvest pp. 81-93

- Nordstarter: A Hamburg oriented crowdfunding platform for creatives pp. 94-109

- WithYouWeDo: Corporate Social Responsibility and Crowdfunding pp. 110-120

- Goteo: Building stronger communities through “cloudfunding”  pp. 121-134

- The matchfunding model of: CrowdCulture pp.135-149

- Act4Greece: An initiative for the promotion of social and development banking in Greece pp. 150-160




Friday, 13 October, 2017 - 11:15
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