Elisabetta Lazzaro

Prof. Dr. Elisabetta Lazzaro

Professor of Creative Economy, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht


Elisabetta Lazzaro, PhD in Economics, is Professor of Creative Economy at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht with an academic and professional international career. Her publications, research and teaching focus on the economics, management and policy of the cultural and creative sector, including: value, innovation and valorisation of the creative process; business models, entrepreneurship and financing; stakeholders, structures, and regulation of art markets and creative industries; socio-economic impact and capacity building of culture and the creative sector. She is regularly invited as keynote speaker and lecturer in many universities and symposia worldwide. In her field experience Prof. Lazzaro similarly assists as a special adviser in scientific and steering committees of major international, European and national institutions, governments and projects. www.hku.nl/creativeeconomy